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Tax Freedom Day in Spain arrives on May 9, sooner than in other European Countries. Tax burden in the European Union (UE-27) is 4.65 points higher than the Spanish one. Tax Freedom Day arrives seventeen days latter, on May 26.

The first European country in celebrating Tax Freedom Day is Slovakia, on April 16. Romania, Ireland, the Baltic Countries and Bulgaria, that celebrate Tax Freedom Day in the second fortnight of April, follow it.

Table 1. Tax Freedom Day (2008)


Poland, Greece, Malta, Czech Republic, Iceland and Spain enjoy a relatively reduced tax burden, therefore Tax Freedom Day arrives in the first fortnight of May. In the second fortnight of May, Portugal, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Holland, Cyprus, Hungary and Germany celebrate Tax Freedom Day, together with the EU-27 (May 26).

Norwegian, Finish, Italians, Austrians and French people are the least fortunate, as they have to work until the first fortnight of June in order to comply with their tax obligation.

Countries like Belgium, Sweden and Denmark are celebrating Tax Freedom Day by the end of June, therefore are the last on this list.

Iceland and Spain have considerably reduced their tax burden in the past year; therefore, Tax Freedom Day arrives seventeen and eleven days earlier. It follows them, Ireland as Irish taxpayers worked 9 days less in 2008.

Evolution of Tax Freedom Day (2007-2008)


Also, Tax Freedom day shifts earlier from one to five days, in Norway, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Sweden, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, France, Italy, Finland and Denmark. On the other hand, tax burden does not change in Holland, Portugal, Germany, Malta and Slovakia.

Tax Freedom day shifts up to three days latter in Hungary, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Lithuania and Greece. The greatest tax burden increase was registered in Luxemburg, where tax Freedom Day arrived 7 days latter.

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