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April 9 is the day in which the Navarrese society as a whole (citizens and companies) stops paying taxes and starts working for itself; in other words it's Tax Freedom Day. In the year 2008, we worked 99.64 days in order to comply with our tax obligations: direct and indirect taxes and contributions to the Social Security system. Of these 99.64 days, we worked 62.52 days for the state government (autonomous government), 3.96 days for the local government, 1.45 days for the central government and 31.71 days for the Social Security.

Days Spent Working to Pay Taxes (2008 - Navarre)


For the last six years, Tax Freedom Day came latter on in the year in Navarre. In 2003 Tax Freedom Day came on the 13th of April, but in 2006 and 2007 we needed an extra 15 days, until the 28th of April in order to comply with our tax obligations. Despite this trend, in 2008 Tax Freedom Day takes a new turn, and comes earlier in the year: on the 9th of April, 19 days earlier than in 2007.

Evolution of Tax Freedom Day in Navarre (2002 - 2008)


In Spain, an additional whole month is needed, until May 9, in order to pay all direct and indirect taxes, as well as social security contribution, 129.77 days to be precise.

Spanish people work 56.53 days for the central government and 29.36 days for the state government. As regards the local tax burden, this is translated into 11.52 days of work. In order to comply with the social security contributions, in 2008 we needed 32.36 days.

Days Spent Working to Pay Taxes (2008 - Spain)


During the past few years, evolution of Tax Freedom Day in Spain was similar to the evolution in Navarre. The lattes-ever Tax Freedom Day was May 20, 2007, due to the greater tax burden. In 2008, the recession caused fall of the tax collection moved Tax Freedom Day earlier in the year, to May 9.

Evolution of Tax Freedom Day in Spain (2002 - 2008)


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