Institución Futuro
Día del contribuyente
Do you know on which day of the year you finish paying taxes?
Which year do you want the tax rates for?
What is your gross annual salary?
How much money did you save last year?
Do you have a pension plan?
How much did yo allot to your pension plan last year?
How much is your average monthly electric bill?
Did you inherit last year?
How much inheritance and gift taxes did you pay?
Do you own a house?
Did you purchase it last year?
How much property transfer and stamp taxes did you pay?
Do you own a car or motorcycle?
Motorcycle < 500 CC
Motorcycle > 500 CC
How much do you spend on premium gasoline monthly?
How much do you spend on diesel monthly?  
Do you smoke?
How many cigarettes do you smoke per week?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
How many beers do you drink per week?
How much of other spirits?
Do you have dependents under 30 years old with an annual salary of less than €7,000?
How many?
What is your civil status?
Onda Cero
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